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When you search for domain it should show "available" then only you can register. if it show "backorder" it means not available, If the original register will not renew it, it may be get it registered, if we are the senior in backorder booking. Book at your own risk..

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Global domain registry

.info Global ₹1500.00
.xyz Global ₹960.00
.tv Global Tv ₹2941.00
.tel Global ₹827.00
.org Global ₹1190.00
.biz Global ₹1311.00
.cc Cocos Is. ₹2584.00
.mx Mexico ₹3305.00
.im Isle of Man ₹1095.00
.ws Samoa ₹1972.00
.sx Sint Maarten ₹1963.00 South Africa ₹341.00
.ru Russia ₹2314.00
.de Germany ₹619.00
.eu Europe ₹438.00
.be Belgium ₹519.50
.it Italy ₹743.00
.at Austria ₹990.00
.fr France ₹792.00
.no Norway ₹1040.00
.uk England ₹963.50 England ₹963.50 England ₹963.50 England ₹963.50
.nl Netherlands ₹619.00
.pl Poland ₹1064.00